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Striving Team Leader for Digital Design Projects

As you may have guessed, my name is Jeffrey Davidson, and I am a digital design expert. Highly motivated and passionate about design, I deliver creative results with the best of my ability to ensure a successful ROI for the client. Just check out my latest credentials below.

Professional Experience

Gold Coast Design Studio Project Manager

Project Manager and Digital / Graphic Designer

Gold Coast Design Studio (GCDS) - 2 Little Blue Lane, Varsity Lakes, QLD
January 2011 - May 2014

My role involves a lot of administration work and managerial responsibilities, such as ensuring the projects are completed correctly by the deadline. My responsibilities are:

  • Organising staff schedules and profitable workloads by implementing workflows.
  • Liaising with clients to ensure all information required is gathered and satisfactory for the project.
  • Backup designer and developer to make changes for the clients or for internal projects.
  • Training clients to use the back-end system and acting as technical and marketing support.
  • Meeting with staff to discuss quotes and client briefs to ensure the team are up to date.

Jeffrey Davidson Digital / Graphic Designer

Freelance Digital / Graphic Designer

Formerly JDE-Studios, now self named - Gold Coast, QLD
November 2008 - Current

Working under my own previous branding of JDE-Studios to now as a sole trader, I also worked with various communities as a volunteer. My responsibilities are:

  • Creating my own invoicing system and pricing schemes.
  • Working with clients to get their project to the best standard available.
  • Designing corporate identity, videography, websites, audio and other digital media.

Griffith University Academic Teaching Staff

Academic Teaching Staff

Queensland College of Art - Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus, Parkwood, QLD
February 2009 - December 2010

I provided university students with the proper skills and understanding required to break into the design industry. My responsibilities were:

  • Delivering theory and practical lectures/classes/workshops, as well as providing my expertise and experience.
  • Rewriting and updating teaching material with the latest techniques and resources.
  • Managing workshops to assist students in the digital and graphic design field.
  • Marking assignments and providing feedback.
  • Convening with other staff who are teaching the same subjects and organising course structures as well as vetting assessment criteria.

Need more information? Contact me and ask away! You can take a look at my portfolio or read my blog.